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Our search engine assists you to find appropriate private and boarding schools. Please provide exact information on all questions to ensure optimal search results. Set your priorities carefully when selecting criteria to prevent exclusion of schools that may be of interest to you. A too narrow search will result in little results. Once you receive your search results you may want to look at the selected schools in further detail and / or request additional information.

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I'd like to stay in:I'd like to stay in:
Please choose if you want to visit a private school in your own country or in a foreign country.
Desired Countries:Desired Countries:
Tick all suitable countries or mark the option "Insignificant". If you have chosen to stay in "your own country" in the previous option, please mark your own country here. If your country does not appear in this list, there are no schools from this country listed in our search engine.

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In boarding schools, students live together with their classmates in accommodation provided by the school. If you would like to live with a host family, choose "Homestay". The option of day-school is only applicable to students who live with their parents in the same area or who have their own host family. Select your desired form of accommodation. If you are unsure, simply select all options.

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Desired begin of your stay:Desired begin of your stay:
By combining the desired starting date with the actual school year and the desired duration of the stay, the search engine tests whether or not the schools offer the stay in the desired way.
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