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Newington College
Sydney / New South Wales / Australia
Newington College
200 Stanmore Road
Stanmore NSW 2048

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Grades offered (Boarding): 7 to 12
Grades offered (Day): 1 to 12
Kindergarden: Yes
Preschool: No
Postgraduate: No
Year founded: 1863
Campus size: approx 20 acres
School type: Boys
Boarding students accepted: Yes
Day students accepted: Yes
Homestay students accepted: No
International students accepted: Yes
Minimum stay time: 1 Year
Summer program offered: No
Classroom dress code: Uniform
Notebook program: No
No data available!
Annual Fees / Tuition for:
Boarding:Yr 7-12 only16.290 AUD
Day:11-1218.669 AUD
7-818.186 AUD
9-1018.537 AUD
International students:11-12 in 200622.479 AUD
3-4 in 200616.941 AUD
5-6 in 200618.576 AUD
7-8 in 200621.696 AUD
9-10 in 200622.047 AUD
K-2 in 200613.716 AUD
Kindergarden: Yrs 5-6 in 200615.066 AUD
K10.206 AUD
Yrs 1-210.206 AUD
Yrs 3-4 in 200612.981 AUD
Preschool:N/A16.491 AUD
Credit card payment:Yes
Qualifications offered:
Total qualifications offered: 0
General Subjects:
Total general subjects offered: 0
Special Subjects (Arts, Music & Theatre):
Total special subjects offered: 0
Special Subjects (Sports):
Total sports subjects offered: 0
Extracurricular activities:
Total extracurricular activities offered: 0
Governmental registration number:
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