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Activities during a stay in New Zealand

Our partner schools support the students' interests optimally. Teachers organise and lead a variety of activities. The opportunities vary according to school. Frequent choices include Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Debating, and a variety of sports.


After classes, all students participate in physical activities. Students can choose out of a broad range of different sports such as equestrian, swimming, hockey, netball, cricket, rowing, sailing, diving, tennis, surfing, golf and many more. Additionally, students have the opportunity to be trained by selected coaches and to compete within the school, against other schools, and nationally.


The offer of the advanced music programme fosters your child's talent. To play music together in an active and creative way offers the ideal framework to experience various possibilities and take part in the creative process. Students can be part of the school orchestra, string orchestra, stage band, jazz band, and jazz ensemble or of special choirs.


Feelings of belonging together are strengthened through an active participation in Drama. It's a fun experience and offers the opportunity to present one's own talents in the community.

Visual Arts

The range of artistic activities offered is very popular and gives students the opportunity to explore and live their creativity. Also, to concern oneself with visual arts contributes substantially to spiritual development and to the establishment of cultural identity and tolerance.

Leisure opportunities during a stay in New Zealand

Our partner schools in New Zealand offer a range of different events that students can participate in. Choices are horse riding, kayaking, skiing, fishing and many more. The leisure activities are designed to impart knowledge and awareness of bodily effort and health. They foster independent learning and self-identity finding.

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