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English Boarding Schools: Activities


English Boarding Schools offer a wide array of sports activities. Students have the opportunity to choose from Cricket, Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Golf, Football, Martial Arts, Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming, Basketball, Badminton, Rowing, Sailing, Horse riding, Tennis, Squash, Volleyball, and many more. The students can join teams and sports groups as they desire, and can develop their enthusiasm for sports on the wide, green ovals of the Boarding Schools.


Every Boarding School in Great Britain has one or more drama groups. Every student who has an interest in creative and artistic work is welcome to join these groups. In the drama groups the students learn not only to be comfortable with performing in front of a large audience, but self confidence and self-esteem are also strengthened. Additionally, frequent rehearsals and meetings offer the opportunity to make new friends outside of the lessons.


The Private Schools in Great Britain offer several music programs, so that study abroad students can continue to practice their musical inclinations. For example, the students can choose from orchestra, jazz band, jazz ensemble, or various choirs. Musical talent is strongly encouraged and fostered.


In regards to artistic engagement, the students will not be disappointed, since the Boarding Schools put much emphasis on creative activity: Films, photography, clay works, painting, printing etc. are just some examples of possible artistic activities.

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